Herbalife - Investor Day 2021

For Herbalife Nutrition Investor Day 2021, I was charged to lead and deliver an engaging live virtual experience to attract new investors and give the world confidence in another 40 years of success. The event featured Senior and Executive leaders who shared insight into our Company’s growth strategy, financial performance, and the value of the Company’s distribution channel to enhance understanding of our long-term growth strategy.

Visually, the immersive stage experience explored the juxtaposition of key aspects of our business: from our people to our products, from our nutrition clubs to our digital platforms, and from our global reach to our environmental impact.

Complementing the live event, we created a landing page with two phases, one which announced the upcoming event and the other post-event with on-demand videos and presentations. I worked with stakeholders to create a unique and innovative end-to-end user experience that enhanced the understanding of our long-term growth strategy and delivered an engaging creative experience.

  • Website and Platform
  • 5 Internataional Video Shoots - leading story and creative direction
  • Stage Design, Scenic Creative Direction and Direction (live virtual event)
  • Social Content
  • Email Deliverables

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Overall Design